Clayton Partners is a digital publishing company. Our primary activity is the publishing of vocational training material under the imprint of Electacourse.

Electacourse are the leading provider of home study training material for individuals aiming to qualify as electricians in the UK. Electacourse have a strong track record of supporting candidates and are proud to have helped thousands of students achieve high grade passes in City & Guilds exams.

Clayton Partners colleagues have been involved in digital publishing for many years. Companies and projects we have been involved in include:



Random House



If you are the owner of a publishing company involved in the field of technical vocational training and are thinking of retiring or selling, we may be interested in purchasing or partnering with you.

If you have a bright idea which you think can work as a digital product in vocational education then contact us, we may be interested in publishing the idea

Contact us for further information e. t.0844 7365290

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